Dagisförkylningen har anlänt

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Japp så är det, mer eller mindre alla internationella studenter går nu runt hostandes, lite lätt febriga och halvkrassliga. Jag trodde jag skulle slippa men idag slog det till, känner mig rätt skrovlig i halsen och nysig, så det är helt enkelt min tur nu. Det är precis som på dagis, massa nya människor träffas, … Read more

Första veckan på terminsstarten

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En hel vecka har nu passerat sedan terminsstart, så som en förvirrad student har jag irrat runt på Campusområdet och försökt hitta fram till rätt byggnad och lokal. Det är tur att det finns folk att fråga! Jag kommer att läsa sex olika kurser, vardera 5 poäng, och alla pågår samtidigt. Upplägget känns än så … Read more

Ocean Mixing Field Trip Day 1

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The Ocean Mixing class started its first trip out into the Skagerak this week. The excursion almost began on the Monday. Everyone had arrived aftertheir various journeys from Gothenburg through their various means. The ship was loaded with most of the equipment (poor Torsten forgot to pack the MSS computer, and had to make another journey … Read more

405 meters deep

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We lowered the CTD to over 400 meters depth in Norway, which is very deep by Swedish standards, since the deepest part of the Baltic Sea (Landsortsdjupet) is 459m. We even had to dismount the LISST, since it only can withstand a maximum depth of 300 meters. Sara, Patrik and a few others celebrated with drinking … Read more

Hi! Here comes some more information about what we are doing here on the research vessel R/V Skagerak! There is one more instrument I want to tell you about that wasn’t mentioned in the previous post about what we do here on R/V Skagerak; The Aqualogger. Apart from the other instruments, we use the Aqualogger … Read more

Hi! When all the measurements at sea are done for the day there are usually a lot of data to process. So the workday continues even after we have reached the port. Eventually most of us get some free time, which we use in different ways. Almost everyone watches Game of thrones, but are all … Read more

What, why and how we do it – part 1

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Hi! Here comes some interesting (hopefully) notes about what it is that we’re doing onboard R/V Skagerak all day long. We are going up and down the Koster Trench, mainly because we want to know how the deep water is being exchanged in the trench. If we know how the water masses are flowing and … Read more

Hi! Summer vacation started a few days ago but, as a student at the Marine Science Bachelor Programme, I, Emil, along with some of my fellow Bachelor and Master students just can’t get enough of the sea. That’s why we went back to the classroom, and it’s not any kind of classroom. It’s one of … Read more

To part is to die a little

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The Baltic Sea cruise is over for this time. We left Ugo and Sebastiaan with heaps of boxes on the quay in Helsingör at 4.30 yesterday morning before steaming back to Gothenburg, all one day earlier than planned. Why? Well, as I have already concluded, you do lots of strange things for science. But there … Read more

Electricity on the seafloor

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Imagine that there has been a nuclear war and we all live in some kind of fallout zone. Stockholm is full of food, but there is no oxygen. In Uppsala, on the other hand, there is plenty of oxygen but no food. So, what to do? As with so many other things in life the … Read more