Hej på er alla! Emelie heter jag, jag studerar andra året på det miljövetenskapliga programmet och har nu förmånen att få spendera termin tre här på Irland. Det känns som en evighet sen jag bestämde mig för att åka på utlandsstudier, processen har varit lång och det har varit x antal system och dokument som … Read more

We lowered the CTD to over 400 meters depth in Norway, which is very deep by Swedish standards, since the deepest part of the Baltic Sea (Landsortsdjupet) is 459m. We even had to dismount the LISST, since it only can withstand a maximum depth of 300 meters. Sara, Patrik and a few others celebrated with drinking … Read more

Hi! Here comes some more information about what we are doing here on the research vessel R/V Skagerak! There is one more instrument I want to tell you about that wasn’t mentioned in the previous post about what we do here on R/V Skagerak; The Aqualogger. Apart from the other instruments, we use the Aqualogger … Read more

Hi! When all the measurements at sea are done for the day there are usually a lot of data to process. So the workday continues even after we have reached the port. Eventually most of us get some free time, which we use in different ways. Almost everyone watches Game of thrones, but are all … Read more

Hi! Here comes some interesting (hopefully) notes about what it is that we’re doing onboard R/V Skagerak all day long. We are going up and down the Koster Trench, mainly because we want to know how the deep water is being exchanged in the trench. If we know how the water masses are flowing and … Read more

Hi! Summer vacation started a few days ago but, as a student at the Marine Science Bachelor Programme, I, Emil, along with some of my fellow Bachelor and Master students just can’t get enough of the sea. That’s why we went back to the classroom, and it’s not any kind of classroom. It’s one of … Read more

The Baltic Sea cruise is over for this time. We left Ugo and Sebastiaan with heaps of boxes on the quay in Helsingör at 4.30 yesterday morning before steaming back to Gothenburg, all one day earlier than planned. Why? Well, as I have already concluded, you do lots of strange things for science. But there … Read more

Imagine that there has been a nuclear war and we all live in some kind of fallout zone. Stockholm is full of food, but there is no oxygen. In Uppsala, on the other hand, there is plenty of oxygen but no food. So, what to do? As with so many other things in life the … Read more

Let me tell you about the glove bag. At every station we collect sediment cores to look at nutrients in the pore water (water in the sediment). After sampling with a multiple corer, the sediment is sliced in thin disks from which the pore water is extracted. Since the nutrients in the water can be … Read more

Biogeochemist – person studying the chemical, physical, geological, and biological processes and reactions that govern the composition of the natural environment Marine biogeochemist – biogeochemist that study the ocean Benthic biogeochemist – muddy marine biogeochemist (we belong to the last category) The time has come to present the scientists. This is not to brag about … Read more