Expedition to the Koster Trench


Summer vacation started a few days ago but, as a student at the Marine Science Bachelor Programme, I, Emil, along with some of my fellow Bachelor and Master students just can’t get enough of the sea. That’s why we went back to the classroom, and it’s not any kind of classroom. It’s one of the University of Gothenburg’s own research vessels! Also, some of us have a Master thesis to write and need to do some field work to get the data they need to do so..

For a few days now we have been out on the Skagerak: The part of the North Sea that stretches from Jylland in Denmark to the west coast of Sweden and up to the southern parts of Norway. The ship/boat (what’s the difference anyway?) that we work, sleep and eat on has the fitting name R/V Skagerak. With the help of the 5-man shipcrew we are travelling up and down along the Koster Trench along the Swedish west coast and up to southern Norway, conducting research.

What kind of research? We’ll tell you about it in the upcoming posts. For now, have a look at our beautiful faces along with some information about what we consider ourselves contributing with/to here on the boat/ship/research vessel.

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From top left:

Marcus – Hacker (GIS and MATLAB), Bachelor student

Patrik – King of the CTD-room, Bachelor student

Elin – President of the Aqualogger, Bachelor student

Torsten – Expedition leader and a real scientist at the Institution of Marine Sciences

Josefina – Expedition co-leader, Master student

Sara – Water sampler, Master student in Physical Oceanography

Christian – All the way from London, Filtration expert, Master student in Marine Sciences


From bottom left:

Emil – Helper, taking pictures and blogging, Bachelor student

Cecilia – Master student in physical oceanography

Filip – Helping out with everything, Bachelor student


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