Ocean Mixing Field Trip Day 1

IMG_20160913_174958The Ocean Mixing class started its first trip out into the Skagerak this week. The excursion almost began on the Monday. Everyone had arrived aftertheir various journeys from Gothenburg through their various means. The ship was loaded with most of the equipment (poor Torsten forgot to pack the MSS computer, and had to make another journey to the city to retrieve it). Had it not been for the failed fire alarm system within the Skagerak, we would have had a more eventful day testing the instruments out at sea. Instead, we tested as much as we could by the harbor. The CTD was given a dry test, and all we had to check next was the Aquapro. The instrument was precariously lowered and raised manually. Despite the immense weight, mostly contributed by the attached lead, we managed to successfully collect data without harming anything or anyone. With not too much else to worry about, a lot of the day consisted of lounging about, eating food, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. There was an abundance of jelly fish, one of which named Elin.